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I thought I could fly
...So why did I drown?

Amanda, 17, Brazil.
Multifandom blog!

Supernatural, Once Upon a Time, Sherlock, Castle, Disney, THG and musicals! (ha, no shit, sherlock). I make dumb gifsets and cry about deancas and captain swan most of the time, so yeah.

"Some things, once you've loved them, become yours forever. And if you try to let them go... They only circle back and return to you. They become part of who you are... Or they destroy you." (Kill Your Darlings)




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A 14 year-old boy was recently raped at knife-point by a 20 year-old woman. When the story broke, it was primarily men who claimed he should have enjoyed it. It was feminists who validated his pain and spoke in support of him.

This is why we need feminism.


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"but men get raped too-"


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Character traits → Castiel

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Jensen pretending to be grumpy when he’s actually amazed by his fans (ღ˘⌣˘ღ)

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"My boyfriend/girlfriend won’t let me"
Excuse me
What was that?
YOU ¿ 
How lovely congratulations on your 3rd parental guardian

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How Dean reveals he is bisexual…


Sam: I’m not kidding, Dean. This is the dumbest thing you’ve ever done.

Dean: Yeah, I heard that one. Forgot about that waiter in Tampa?

Sam: I thought you said waitress.



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american sex education be like


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are people actually trying to tell me dean is smooth or something

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The fact is, a 14-year-old girl may be capable of agreeing to sex with a 49-year-old man, but she doesn’t have the emotional and mental maturity to consent. I was 25 before I realized that every man I’d slept with as a teenager was a pedophile. It seemed to me that since I’d courted the attention, that I was fully culpable. What teenager believes she is not mentally or emotionally capable of full consent? I thought I was an adult, although when I look at the picture of myself from the time period above, I see a child.

I thought I was the exception for these men, the girl so precocious and advanced that it superseded social norms. I thought that I was “older than my chronological age.”

It never occurred to me as a young sexually active teen that the adult men I had relationships with may have been manipulating me, that they had designs and motives I couldn’t see from my limited child’s perspective.


Emily, XOJANE, "The Myth of the Teenage Temptress, or Why a Young Girl Can Not Consent to Sex with an Adult Man"

Everyone should read this article if they haven’t already. The anecdotes are upsetting and carry major TW (pedophilia, graphic depictions of sex), but the message is just so on point. 

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this is what i’m wearing to the gates of hell. I could command armies in this dress.


this is what i’m wearing to the gates of hell. I could command armies in this dress.

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